Vapor Trail Review On ExCruiser EXTAN All Terrain ESK8

If you've been looking for a budget-minded all-terrain electric skateboard under nine hundred dollars, well I've got one for you to look at today the EXATN from Excruiser
Johnson | Jul 15, 2023
vp review excruiser electric skateboard


This is a long review by Tony from Vaportrail Youtube Channel, Here is a content index for a quick brief.

01, Opening Words09, Why Avoid water/wet riding
02, Brief Introduction on Excruiser10, Speed Mode Brief
03, Design background Story11, Actual Riding Testing with various Speed Mode
04, Product background Story12, Comfort riding experience
05, Product Overview13, Tire Review after riding
06, Go through Excruiser l Website14, Conclusion, Comparison with Jking, Pricey, Valuable
07, All Terrain Board Introduction15, VaporChannel Call Out
08, Product Features Summary

01, Welcome back, I'm Tony, and today we are looking at one from a company that's really well.

02, They're new to me I think they're relatively new as well, but while they may be new to the market. They've been working on their products for about two and a half years according to Warren, he's with Excruiser and he sent me an email to tell me a little bit about the company and this board, so what I'm going to do is, I'm going to summarize the email that he sent me, then we're going to take a look at the actual specs on the website, we're going to take it for a ride and I'll tell you all about what I think of it.

03, So, summarizing the email said we spent two and a half years to develop the board so the motors on this are EX5540B, it's a belt motor totally new design he says with the same size their motor torque is larger than the same voltage level Motors more powerful, battery efficiency is 20 to 30 percent higher than others, I'd say the battery is pretty efficient the motors are very quiet when running.

04, And they say they never exaggerate the parameters, the motor size determine the horsepower. We'll talk about the specs here in just a minute. They wanted to make it simple neat and more durable, they thought about doing stuff like lights on the board and they said that's just one more thing that can go wrong with it we want to make the board simple, and we want to make it cost effective which is smart because they're a newer company if they put out a good board at a good price people are going to want it, and then they're going to talk about it now this one's pretty interesting because when I first saw this board I was like, oh the battery and the ESC are on the bottom and it's an all-terrain board you know that just gives more things for it to get caught on to get hung up on, and for the casings to get damaged right he says they used aluminum alloy for the battery and ESC casings, and I'm going to tell you they're thought, man, they're nice big things and they've got a nice (Silicone) Rubber seal around them at the bottom of them, seems like it's really secure as he says the ESC and Battery are key components to an electric skateboard, yeah definitely, and the board will not be safe if they're broken, so they are putting the extra effort and money into putting these casings on there.

05, They chose Samsung battery cells and they wanted to make sure the power supply and Battery are safe and charging. So that's a good thing, they're trying to minimize the risk of battery issues and fires and things like that. They use pneumatic tires and these tires say nylon on the side of them, I don't know but they seem to be regular pneumatic tires to me but they are nice and grippy. They stick and the treads on them seem to work really good for Urban Terrain, you know what I mean, and a little bit you're going to see off-road too they use Continental belts, and these belts are imported from Germany, they didn't want to use local suppliers in China, they wanted to get these better belts, so that's good and rather than just standard grip tape. They used a nice foam grip tape on this which definitely I mean this is a very comfortable board.

06, Well, let's check out their website and the specs on the board, first of all, they do have other boards they have the mini fish board which is USD399 that's a hub Drive, they've got the longboard which is USD649 and that's a regular belt drive motor with the motors mounted just like the board that I'm riding today, then, they have the street board EXHME and this one is a direct drive board, and then, of course, they've got the all-terrain so they've got pretty much all the bases covered, they've got a hub Drive, they've got a belt drive, they've got the direct drive, and then they've got the all-terrain and the best part about it this board is only 899 dollars I think that's their summer sale, and that's just going to go through this summer. It's very smart make a good board and make it with a really good value.

07, They're probably not going to make a whole lot of this board, but they want to make a name for themselves. so they say the top speed on this is 28 miles per hour, I'd say yeah, it'll definitely do that battery on this is a 12S3p using Samsung ICR18650 batteries, and the wheel diameter is 150 millimeters which is important if you're talking about an at board all terrain, you're going to be going over a lot of stuff, so you'll see in the ride footage that I'm going to show you, but this thing does really good with clearance, so I was pleasantly surprised with that. As for specs, the deck materials eight ply Maple two-ply fiberglass the deck is 38.5 inches long, and the max load on this is 265 pounds, I weigh 195 pounds and I had no problems writing this at all. So for the range, they're saying 40 kilometers single charge comprehensive road conditions with 75 kilograms loading, so that's about 24-25 miles but 75 kilograms is only 165 pounds, and they're saying on comprehensive road conditions, so maybe hills I you know, I don't know what they test them on most of these companies that is what they test with, so you have to kind of add your weight into the equation I got about 17 to 18 miles.

08, The trucks are aluminum alloy casting and forged the CNC, 150 millimeter pneumatic all-terrain Wheels, the brakes on this are electronic, of course and they are adjustable zero to 100 percent, and the power adapter that they use on this is a 50.4 volt 150 watt high efficiency charger to ensure charging safety, and battery life full charge time four to five hours, it's pretty much standard. Some of their highlights, max power 1800 watts, top speed 45 kilometers, range 40 kilometers, and this one's interesting, they say Hills 25 incline, well maybe that's them just trying to be as forthright as they can on their specs or whatever, because you know, usually they say thirty percent forty percent grade, that kind of thing I had no problems going uphills as you'll see, and they say high performance featuring, high quality wheels and Powerful Motors, this all-terrain electric skateboard can reach speeds up to 28 miles per hour, it's Advanced suspension system allows for a smooth and comfortable ride even on rough terrain the board's durable construction and water resistant design make it perfect for adventurous Riders who want to explore new places and push their limits.

09, Even though they say water resistant, I try to avoid water at all costs, I mean if you're spending anywhere from $500 to $3000 on one of these things, you want to protect it. I have old regular skateboards that after a summer of use and going through puddles and stuff, all the bolts are rested and the bearings are rusted out, there's no reason to risk it with one of these boards but if you do end up in a situation where there is a little bit of rain, you should be okay or a little bit of wet on the road, all right, so this is a pretty good looking board here I mean it's uh, it's pretty stout as I talked about some of the metal Parts on this aluminum parts that you just don't see it on other boards, so good concave to it everything's looking really good on here, so this is my maiden voyage.

10, I've got it in setting number one or you know mode one for Speed and let's just see how she goes I did tighten the trucks up tiny bit and I also inflated the wheels, all right on one food that's barely moving so granny mode, you know, if you're new to this still on one picks up some speed after that feels nice and comfortable though smooth.

11, All right, so now we're in speed number two there you go okay let's try speed number three, wow all right, okay, now we've got the torque and the takeoff, all right here's number four now, one thing I will tell you about this thing is it's really quiet, I'm surprised because it's got some big motors and belt drive, and all that stuff I really I can hear the actual tires riding on the road as much as I can, the actual motor, so that's kind of interesting, that's a little bit windy out here, so I don't know how well you can hear me right now, I need a better mic solution but I'm on my hill that I like to test these things, I'm in third speed, all right here we go [Music] ,yeah, it goes right up that not a problem now something else I can tell you is that these trucks are super responsive, they're reverse Kingpin and they seem pretty solid, so I've got them I only tighten them a little bit let's go ahead and try it on some grass, thank you, all right it slowed down a little bit near the end there because you're actually going over some you know, I'm sorry, because you're actually going over a hill they got distracted going off the curb, there but try this they're see how it does put some rougher asphalt foreign okay, so torque Wise It's not like a super torquey board right but as soon as you get going bro, it picks up the speed and it goes actually if you want torque you can put this on number four for your speed modes, and you get a lot of torque check it gears they don't start off the line super torque but once they get going bro they get going now, of course, this is my first day using it and one thing I will say about this board is that it's really comfortable and as a cruiser and that is the name of its Excruiser.

12, it's comfortable man the grip tape well that makes it super comfy and it's just, it just, man, you know what I mean, man, I gotta say that did not do too bad at all, wow ,I mean we're talking there's sand, there's rocks, there's pine cones a little bit of everything, there all right that was deeper sand I just hit a little slippage foreign, so as you see, I put this thing to the test man, I took it in all kinds of different terrain and some good distance rides carved on it, and everything else I'd say it's overall a really good board, if you're riding a regular electric skateboard with urethane wheels, and you know, I'm not, I'm over 50 so any kind of comfort really matters, especially when you're going on a long ride if you're going 5/10/20 miles or something like that, you want to make sure that you're going to be comfortable ride well this board is super comfortable as you saw, any terrain that I went over no problems, whatsoever trucks, they're nice and stable, the reverse Kingpin, I think the board is put together really well, there's some interesting proprietary stuff that's going on here, and I don't know if that was to, because they thought it was going to be stronger or better or whatever, but we're going to talk about those the wheels, they're unique, they're different from any that I've had, they're recessed bolt on them and you can probably fit  other tires on them, but you're going to want to stick with the size that they have on there, because you can't change the pulleys which we're going to talk about here in a minute, so if you put bigger tires on there or smaller tires then it is going to change your gearing ratio right, so the board is going to ride differently may have more or less torque that kind of thing, and these pulleys are proprietary so you're going to have to use these rims on it, the pulleys you cannot remove them the motor mounts on this thing when I first saw it. I was like, oh that looks like Gear Drive, but it's not, it's just that it's all metal, it's all aluminum that encases the entire thing and not only that is your motor mount I mean, so it's your belt guard and your motor mount all in one, there is some slight adjustment that you can do with these motors to pull them back and forth to adjust that belt, but you know I mean you're only going to use this same belt on here because you got to use the same pulleys, and also the pulley that's on the motor is large so maybe that's one of the things they did to keep this thing quieter or something like that, but, yeah, pretty much the configuration that it is, that's the configuration that you're going to be using this board in also these motors appear to be custom for them, because Motors usually look a little bit different than these they've got the wires coming up as you'll see right here, they come up between the trucks and they connect in the middle of the motors which is interesting because it's usually on the outsides of it right like I said there's some interesting decisions that they made, while putting this board together but I assume after two and a half years this is all stuff that they researched and said this is the way we want our board to go. so hey, there you go this board is actually pretty flex as you'll see here I'm in the middle of the board and then on the outside of the board get plenty of flex on it and I have to say this is I've got a lot of different boards this is one of the more comfortable boards that I have to ride, it is it's really comfortable, oh.

13, And speaking of the wheels, it's a little bit difficult to inflate these wheels because the way that the stem comes out there, I mean it's like really tight in there and the pump that I use actually has a little locking thing on it for the valve that's on there, so if I didn't have that it might be really difficult I was able to just jam it in there and lock it down, so the wheels were pretty much inflated how they should be when I got it says up to 70 PSI on these wheels which it's usually 50 psi, I only put them up to 40 PSI and I'm fine with that, and again I'm surprised by the clearance of this board, I mean you saw, I went over all kinds of rocks and dirt and sand and over speed bump and everything else it has more clearance than I assumed. it would I didn't really have any scratches on the bottom of the board except for on those belt guards or motor mounts or whatever you want to call them, because they're kind of all in one.

14, And again, the padded grip tape it really makes a difference if you haven't used it before, you're probably like, ah, but no trust me it does, so overall, I'm impressed with this board for 899 dollars, I mean I had the JKing Jupiter on here that was like 799 and that one wasn't nearly as good as this board, I mean this board seems like it's actually well thought out now, that the JKing board was horrible, it just it couldn't compare to this and this is only a hundred dollars more and if you've been looking at all terrain electric skateboards, you know that they can be pretty pricey, I mean if you're getting a two in one or whatever we're talking, at least 1200 bucks up to three thousand dollars, so there we go, there are some other boards that are coming out of the market that look really promising at around thirteen hundred dollars, but again 900 bucks, so if you're budget minded and maybe you're new to this or you just want to upgrade from your street board, but you don't want to break the bank, this might be a good choice for you, it's a nice board so that's the Excruiser all-terrain I think it's called the EXATN, and I want to thank you so much for your support here  on the channel, likes, comment, share, subscriptions always very important to my channel.

15, So if you like what you see, hit the thumbs up, if you haven't subscribed yet, there is a red subscribe button down there you can hit that, and the notifications Bell, and you'll get notifications when I upload new videos. This Channel's been around since 2013, your support means the world to me, if you've been here since the early days, great, I'm super glad you're here, and if you're new to the channel, welcome, I hope you stick around I do have a thanks button down there, if you want to leave a monetary, thank you, it's not inexpensive to run these channels, but the easiest way to support me is by giving this video a like, and making sure you're subscribed. Well, that's gonna do it for this episode, we'll catch you next time on the vapor trail Channel.


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